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The 10 Most Popular Baby Names of 2019 so Far, According to Nameberry

The baby name website just released a list of the top names for the first half of 2019, with Archie and Isla holding the number-one spots for boys and girls.

Choosing your baby’s name can be a tricky decision, to say the least. How will it sound with her last name? What nicknames could you make out of it? Is it unique? Is it fun, but not too silly? Millions of parents toy with these questions every day.

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Since we’re halfway through 2019, the baby name website Nameberry recently released a list of the most popular names for boys and girls based on the number of views each name page has received in the first six months of the year. So far, Archie is taking the number-one spot for boys, while Isla holds the crown for girls.

Of course, the name Archie can thank Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor for its popularity: The son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and littlest member of the British Royal family was born in May. Archie was also the fastest-rising boy name in the U.S. in 2018, according to Nameberry — it even nabbed the number-one spot from Atticus, which had held that title for two years in a row.

Isla, the new reigning name for baby girls, pushed Olivia to the number-two spot, where it had been for the past three years. The name Isla has Scottish origins and means “island,” according to the baby name site.

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Classics like Theodore, Jack and Oliver also appear at the top of the list of boy names, along with soft-vowel names like Milo, Asher and Jasper. For baby girls, names beginning or ending with vowels are popular, such as Olivia, Aurora, Ada and Amara, which hold spots two, three, four and six, respectively.

Below, check out the 10 most popular names for boys and girls from the first half of 2019 (and see if your little one’s name made the list!).

Top 10 girls names of 2019 so far

  1. Isla

  2. Olivia

  3. Aurora

  4. Ada

  5. Charlotte

  6. Amara

  7. Maeve

  8. Cora

  9. Amelia

  10. Posie

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Top 10 boys names of 2019 so far

  1. Archie

  2. Milo

  3. Asher

  4. Jasper

  5. Silas

  6. Theodore

  7. Atticus

  8. Jack

  9. Aarav

  10. Finn

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